Alberta’s Children’s Charter

As per my previous blog post, I recently received an email invitation from AISCA (Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta) regarding feedback on the Alberta Children’s Charter through a friend of mine, who is a preschool owner and teacher in Airdrie.
With the background of working with dayhomes, agencies and parents, and the interests of both parents and childcare providers in mind, I have read all of the documents, and have outlined my feedback and suggestions below. In my response, I have quoted the documents in italics and then given my feedback below each quote.

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Making your voice heard

I recently received this email from a dear friend of mine, who is a preschool teacher in Airdrie. Alberta Education is in the process of creating a new Children’s Charter, and they are asking for our input before it is finalized.   As this will serve as the guide for policies, programs and services, this will affect childcare in Alberta. Therefore, it will affect you, as either a childcare provider, or parent.

In terms of the area of the documents that pertain to childcare, be sure to read the Early Childhood Education Summary, page 8 & 9, which talks about childcare.

Please make your voice and opinion be heard, as I believe often the private or individual dayhome provider, sometimes gets forgotten about when talking about childcare.You can be sure I will be sending feedback. If you would rather I speak for private dayhomes, please send me your thoughts to

Thanks, Faye

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The 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas is a busy time for everyone, and as a childcare provider, you spend most of your time looking after everyone else!
Let us look after you for a little while. 2

Your 12 Days of Christmas from Dayhome Registry includes:

  • business tips and resources (printable, editable, useable)
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  • and much more!

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Ten Little things to make your life easier.

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that can make such a huge difference in making our busy days a little easier.  I thought I would share with you some of things in my life that make my days smoother :) Continue Reading

Help Save EC Map and our Kids!

ECMap_LogoCol_FINALAs you have likely heard, I have recently become involved in the tail end of the work that is being done in our province through the vehicle that is EC Map. I became involved because the work they have done in the last 5 years is vital. It is vital to the long term health and wellbeing of our children, and to the future of our province!  I am very disheartened and angered to hear that despite all the amazing work that has been done by this project, the work will not be going forward.

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4 Easy Ways to get the Kids to Clean their Rooms.

Cleaning up after the kids!1Your children may well be little sweethearts, but the fact is they can be very, very messy! While it is a natural part of them growing up, they will not always be aware of the notions of clean and unclean for a long time. It is pretty essential that you are able to clean up after them, especially if you are someone who is proud of their house and the way that it looks. Parenting is difficult, and no one expects that your home is going to look spotless at all times, because you are raising a human being, but there are ways in which you can ensure you will have an easier time dealing with things in the long run.

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5 things to remember while searching for Childcare

Banner screen shotYou have just had a wonderful year at home with your baby, but the harsh light of reality is quickly coming into focus. It is time to go back to work. Or maybe, you are excited to get back to work and have adult conversations again (more than likely, its a mixture of dread and excitement)!  Either way, entrusting the tender care and feeding of your precious child to another is a very hard voyage in this journey we call parenthood.  Being armed with knowledge, and an understanding, about the ins and outs of finding childcare can go a long way to ease the anxiety. Continue Reading

I am going to continue being LOUD!

Dec2007_0106(038)In recent months, I have been getting to know many different Champions for Children around the province. These are people, who, have been working tirelessly for the last 5 years to bring the issues of Early Childhood Development in our province to the forefront of people’s minds.

When I first heard about EC Map, and all the amazing work they have done to research, compile and then share the information about children, aged 0-5,  in our province, I knew it was something I HAD to get involved with. Dayhome Registry is a business 100% dedicated to improving the lives of children in childcare by strengthening the dayhome community. And most of these children are aged 1-5, and so we had to engage in the conversation. Continue Reading

How to Stipple a Ceiling

stipple ceilingA stipple ceiling texture (also known as a slap brush ceiling texture) is created when you work a wet joint compound into a pattern with a stipple brush. The whole purpose of stippling a ceiling is to create a unique design that hides a ceiling’s visual imperfections.

Overall, it is a visually appealing ceiling finish and isn’t as difficult to achieve as many believe. This article looks at what you need to do to get a professional looking stipple. Continue Reading

Kijiji Scams: What to do, and how to avoid them

Worried at deskWe all hear about scams that happen to other people, but we all feel “I’m smart enough, they won’t get me!” or “How can people fall for that kind of thing?!”.  The answer is, its easy. These people target you where you are vulnerable. Trying to sell your car? Of course you are going to respond to an email in which the person sounds interested!  Advertising via Kijiji to fill a space or two in your dayhome, and the parent in the email sounds lovely, sends you a photo and just wants you to hold the space? You bet!! Unfortunately, the people on the other end of the inter-tubes are smart, and know exactly how to target you.  So, you need to tune in to your Spidey Senses, and know how to recognize and avoid them! Continue Reading