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6 steps to a successful Dayhome StartUp

We often get questions and inquiries about starting a private dayhome. It is a daunting process, especially as the government gives no official guidance or rules, other than you may not have any more than 6 children (not including your own) in your care at any one time.  SO, if you are looking at starting a private […]

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Childcare Regulations Across Canada

Wondering how Alberta’s dayhome regulations stack up against the rest of the country? Its fascinating (and a bit brain numbing)!  No two provinces handle things exactly the same.  In some its only 4 children allowed in unregulated, some its, 5, some its 6! Some provinces allow home daycares to apply for individual licenses, some have […]

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Ontario’s new Childcare Bill 10

Recently, as I have been getting more and more engaged with the childcare communities in and out of Alberta, I have been wondering how things differ across the country!  And it turns out, quite a lot!

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Some changes coming to the Homepage

We’re planning a small upgrade to the home and search pages this coming weekend and we thought we’d take a few minutes to walk you through them. The Cole’s notes version is that: The Register/List your dayhome button moves to the top right The testimonials move down the page a bit The homepage is now […]

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How to WRITE the RIGHT ad

Do you spend hours writing up your ads for Facebook and Kijiji, only to have NO ONE respond to them? OR, does your ad only seem to attract families you don’t ACTUALLY want to work with?

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Why Doctors get better childcare than Police Officers.

Whether you earn $20,000/year, $200,000/year or $2 million/year, your children are a top priority. Unfortunately, we live in a world where what you earn severely impacts the quality of childcare you can provide for your children, should you return to work.  Our childcare system is designed in such a way that the “haves” can afford […]

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I’ve Never had a Child like This!

As childcare providers, we have all seen many different kinds of children. From the quiet watchful boy who will play trucks and read books all day, happy to interact from the sidelines, to the child who won’t…. stop…. moving…., and everyone in between. We love and accept all children from all personalities, family situations, etc. […]

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A 2-minute phone call can save you months of heartache

The caregiver-family relationship can be a tenuous one. You, the parent, are entrusting the care and well-being of your most precious child to another person.  You, the caregiver, are opening up your home, and yourself, to care for these children. It is both a business relationship, as well as a personal one. It is easy […]

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