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Parenting Power

2016 is the year YOU Parent with Intention

The only thing that is constant about parenting, is change. As parents, we have two options: Either be bombarded by the change and parent simply by reacting, or stop, and take some time and energy to plan how to deal with the changes. The book, A YEAR of Intentional Parenting, written by the powerhouse duo […]

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Climbing trees makes for stronger and more intelligent children

We are big believers in our house about letting our children explore their own physical boundaries. Climbing up the slide is only one of those explorations. Climbing trees, using the swing set as a climbing structure and allowing the kids on the roof (with us right with them, of course) are some of the ways […]

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How to WRITE the RIGHT ad

Do you spend hours writing up your ads for Facebook and Kijiji, only to have NO ONE respond to them? OR, does your ad only seem to attract families you don’t ACTUALLY want to work with?

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A 2-minute phone call can save you months of heartache

The caregiver-family relationship can be a tenuous one. You, the parent, are entrusting the care and well-being of your most precious child to another person. ¬†You, the caregiver, are opening up your home, and yourself, to care for these children. It is both a business relationship, as well as a personal one. It is easy […]

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